Wills & Trusts

“What will happen to my loved ones when I am no longer around?” It is a question we seldom like to think about, but we should. Young or old, everyone should have a properly drafted Will to ensure their wishes are carried out after they are gone. Do not let the state decide what happens to YOUR Estate after you pass, call today to schedule an appointment with Travis Newman to discuss your Estate Planning needs.

Living Wills

A Living Will allows you to express your desires about your end-of-life medical care to your medical providers and loved ones, when you no longer are able to communicate these desires yourself. Let your voice be heard and save your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions without any guidance from you. Contact the Law Office of B. Travis Newman to have your Living Will prepared.

Power of Attorney

A Living Will may allow another to make end-of-life medical care decisions for you when you can no longer make them yourself, but what about your other affairs? A Power of Attorney can grant another the authority to act on your behalf for a number of matters. However, a Power of Attorney is a very powerful document, and should not be granted lightly. You should consult with an experienced attorney who can draft a Power of Attorney specific to your individual situation and needs. If you have questions about a Power of Attorney, call Travis Newman today for a FREE consultation.

Probate Proceedings

The death of a loved one is a very difficult time. The last thing we want to do at this time is worry about the legal steps that may need to be taken. The Law Office of B. Travis Newman is available to help walk you through this process. If a loved one of yours has passed and you have questions about Probate or how to proceed with their estate, contact Travis Newman for a FREE consultation.